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How To Build a Minimal Linux System from Source Code

Greg O'Keefe,

v0.8, September 2000

These are instructions for building a minimal linux system from source code. It used to be part of From PowerUp to Bash Prompt but I've separated it to keep both documents short and focussed. The system we build here is very minimal, and not ready for real work. If you want to build a practical system from scratch, see Gerard Beekmans' Linux From Scratch HOWTO instead.

1. What You Will Need

2. The Filesystem


4. Kernel

5. Lilo

6. Glibc

7. SysVinit

8. Ncurses

9. Bash

10. Util-linux (getty and login)

11. Sh-utils

12. Towards Useability

13. More Information

14. Administrivia

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