Here is a motley assortment of bits and pieces that might help you on your path to Linux guruhood.


The nasm assembler source code and a floppy disk image for UNIOS, a bootable hello world program. If you want to assemble (ie compile) the code yourself, you will need to download the nasm assembler. But if you don't want to muck around with that ...

There is also GNU assembler (gas) source code, and a makefile, contributed by Antonius de Rozari.


An SVGALIB hack that you can download and play with.

Links Is a cool site with ``newbieised'' HOWTO's, chat forums and stuff.

Some step-by-step guides contributed by Mike Andrew. These include instructions on setting up:


A quick start for people who know unix, and a guide for people with no unix knowledge but who have MINIX on floppies.

This stuff is brought to you by Greg O'Keefe